Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It will all be ok..

so I decided to live by my hubby's thought that no matter what it will all be ok. I think my down moods have really discouraged him and me for a bit. But he made a good point today.. There is nothing that we can't get through, just stop thinking you are going to die. Sometimes being happy and cheerful is HARD. Having cancer is HARD but enjoying life should be easy. So I am taking the easy way out. I did notice that when I am more positive I feel better and have more energy. Hmm wonder why??

I have also been doing a challenge from the Better to bless website. Its all about seeing blessings in ALL things. It changes your perspective on things, like every situation is GOOD. For instance, having Cancer is good because I have tons of new friends that love me and I realize just how improtant and how much I love the ones around me. See theres gotta be good in everything. So I challenge you all to check it out at www.bettertobless.com.

I am doing GOOD! We are almost done with Chemo and Radiation (more than halfway). I am tired but not too drained. The mediport is of course causing problems. I guess my body doesn't do well with a foreign object in it. I am still on anitbotics to clear it up but if it doesn't work it will come out before I finish all my treatment. I am really looking forward to the 6 week break between Chemo and Surgery. Maybe life will go a little bit back to Normal? The nausea has gone away but maybe its because I have major issues with the other end??? Who knew bowels and poop would become such a discussion topic.

I am still letting everyone know to get TESTED especially if you have any issues. I found the other day, that I am like 3 years behind schedule for a mammogram..who knew??? SO everyone.. if you havent been in awhile, lets schedule those check ups. Its always better to know, than to NOT.

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Linda said...

I am glad you are doing better, I know it has to be hard but keep up the positive attitude. It really does help and also all the prayers must be somehow helping. You are very strong to handle all that you have to deal with and the way you are keeping positive. Keep going and never give up, you have a lot of family who are praying and pulling for you and you are doing great to keep working. That may actually be a good thing as it keeps you motivated and focused on other things.

Love you sister,