Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scan tomorrow

Ok so tomorrow is the DAY. The day to know if all the treatment was worth it. I am totally freaking out! I had a panic attack getting the drinks...that yucky stuff you have to drink so that all the little cancer cells will light up. I think I am more scared about this, than any of the other stuff. Its been a hellish ride and I hope the end is near!

Everybody just says that everything will ok. But they have not clue, it's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like a lottery.. did I win??? I don't know and this is the final scratch on the ticket! I thought I would be excited but I am scared. Scared that the cancer is still here. Scared that I wasn't strong enough to fight it. Scared that I haven't lived enough.

The worest thing is I probly wont get the results for a whole nother week! This is just nerve racking but I hope and pray that all will be fine. I am strong, I am a fighter and I won the battle, now its time to win the war!

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On A Journey said...

My prayers are out there with you! Keep us updated!