Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Week Down

Well, I have finished the first week of Chemo and radiation. Not great but not so bad. I was released from my pump for the weekend and took advantage of taking as many showers as possible. I can't get the pump or IV wet so I am resolved to taking baths while I am hooked up with the pump. challenging yes. I got meds for all my symptoms but they don't seem to be working. The pain pills did nothing to ease the pain from the port at all. Guess I will have to ask for higher?? I am really trying to stay away from medicating for every ache and pain but all this extra pain wears me down emotionally.

Speaking of Emotionally, alot of things have gone on this week, that have me questioning who I am and what I believe in. Sometimes you think you are doing good and Bam out of the water the world drops around you and people say things that have you thinking What the F%^&! I am so realizing who's with me and whose against me, unfortunately those not with me are causing me undue amounts of stress. I think when treatment and surgery is done, My life will be changed and I will no longer tolerate the BS I get.

This is a embarrassing spot for me but I am curious about peoples opinion. OK I know I have cancer and its most likely curable, but I am devastated about the financial aspects its will have on my life. I already know that I will be out of work for several weeks at least and who knows what will happen there. Anyways, I have a friend starting a fundraiser but I am embarrassed??? I worked so hard to avoid depending on others but as the main support (me) of our family appears may be without pay for a bit, I need to figure out a way to pay the bills. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated!

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