Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sick People STAY AWAY!

Now I know why people on Chemo should not be sick. Its ten times worse. I am SICK but in great spirits. I have a sore throat, killer headaches and stuffy nose. To the rest of the world, a common head cold to me, the head cold from Hell. I was up all night unable to sleep due to the pain so I took a run over to my friendly ER (Shady Grave) and waited 2 hours for the doctor to tell me.... keep doing what your doing but here's more pain medication. Yes another prescription. Hubby is starting to freak with all the meds I am on. The worst is he's cooking tonight but my throat's to sore to eat. Bummer!

We have some great events this week, my 5 year old lost his first tooth! I didn't even realize it was time for that to start happening. I was thinking I had a few more years, time to find the tooth fairy again. And his sister told him the tooth fairy leaves like 5 bucks! On whose budget is that. Another great grown up event that my sons did was open and set up our new DVD player. Totally connected and got it to work. Remember now they are 5, 4 and 3. What smart kids I have. They wanted to help put together the new vaccum but that did not have color coded cords!

Tomorrow is Week 4 almost done with Chemo and radiation. Things are going well, if you dont hear from, I am probly knocked out from all the meds.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't heard from you and don't want to bother you if you are resting, sleeping or whatever. I'm here if you need anything or just to talk. M