Thursday, September 4, 2008


I haven't written in a few days and I've been wondering if I should??? I have gotten some comments over the last few days that have me wondering should I write this blog. I think I need to make everyone clear on why I am doing this. First this is my BLOG! Thats right me Kat, the one with the Colon Cancer. Secondly, it was started as an easy way to keep all the people that care about me informed of my random thoughts and progress etc. It is not made to change the world, it is not an educational manual on Colon Cancer. If it perks your interest to look more into it great. If I do something Like type a bad word without signs, I don't care for your opinion. Where I live we are like sailors and our mouths are not clean at all. BUT I do not think it makes me a BAD example to my children. I have shown my children how to work hard and strive for their dreams. Because I cuss is not going to deminish that example. Now, that I said that I feel NO BETTER!


For those that want to know heres an update:

I started week 3 of Rad and chemo with a really bad rash on my port. It's an allergic reaction to the gauze that they put to cover the needle??? Can you believe that. I am allergic to gauze! I am really trying to get the side effects under control. I took a break today and sleep all day, I think I have been doing too much, working and still doing all the things required of A GREAT mother. But according to some I might not be so great! Enough sarcasm...

I am getting really tired. But I can't sleep so I got some sleeping pills. Thinking about it, I have not slept since August 1! That wonderful day that my life changed. Sorry for the remose tone today, I don't feel over happy, actually, I am really Pissed (is that offensive) at several people some near, some far.


Anonymous said...


I read your blogs almost everyday when i get the chance and I check this site constantly. I'd rather just read on how your doing than actually ask you about it. The fact that your kinda in a sorta way dying makes me highly uncomfortable. You know we havent had the BEST relationship since I was what? Old enough to talk back, but still. I wish, you didnt have cancer..I wish I could put it on someone elses mother, someone elses life. I wonder whats making you upset these last days, no doubt most of its stress related, but you have to be strong. GOD THAT SOUNDS SO GAY COMING FROM ME! But yea anyway, also sorry to read about my stepfather being a douche again. I'll have to call you up and we'll whisper mean and stupid things about him. :)
Love Ya,

The middle child (or atleast were the girls come in XD)

Anonymous said...

Psst...don't tell the others we have a special bond!!