Monday, October 20, 2008

Cancer, Cancer Everywhere....

It seems to me that everywhere I go, there is something related to Cancer. Mostly breast. Is it wrong to be jealous or bitter?? I know that millions of women are struck with Breast cancer but HELLO, thats not my cancer and I see nothing about my cancer. Can we get the word out about Colon which is rapidly on the raise?? Its harder to detect and people are more afraid to go to the doctor for symptoms due to the Eck factor.

There is one thing I know for sure Cancer does not discriminate and it unites. It doesn't care if you are white, black , rich or poor. It will attack you and the feelings I have are the same feelings the 65 year old women has. We all feel alone, no matter how many people are around us. Nobody can understand what its like to look Death in the face and decide to fight. To try for another day. Nobody gets how hard it is to be positive for everyone when all we want to do is give up. Nobody gets it but another one whose life has been touched by cancer. This I also know for sure....

Cancer is so limited, It cannot corrode faith, It cannot shatter hope,It cannot kill friendships, It cannot cripple love, It cannot destroy peace, It cannot silence courage, It cannot suppress memories, It cannot conquer the spirit

As I get closer to my surgery, I get more anxious and stressed. I am waiting for that peace and calm to come over me and maybe hopefully it will SOON???

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