Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Message of hope

I was honored today to meet some very special people. Let me explain, in my search for organizations and assistance I was sent a link to the web page. This organization was started by another one whose life was changed by cancer and they decided to give back. The organization will be able to assist us, if we should need help in the future. I already feel blessed that I was able to meet such inspirational people. Meredith is a beautiful person, inside and out. Her mother too. There was so much surrounding them and to know that she was struggling with cancer and is so at peace now, gives me hope. When I am better, I plan to help this new organization as much as I can. Please check out the web page and offer any support possible. They are truly amazing.
One more thing everyone knows how I am about numbers and well they had a booth at the Oktoberfest and a plague representing all the different people they help with a message from them. On mine, they chose a quote from the blog I wrote on September 16!!!! I know that is a sign that I was to be in contact with them.

For those that don't know let me explain the number thing. All my life I have been drawn to the number 16 and through out my life several important events have happened on the 16th.
I was born May 16
There are 16 letters in my maiden name (kathryn ann france)
I met my Husband on April 16
We married August 16 (16 months to the day we met)
My sons were conceived on the 16th of the month
My father joined the Mormon church on Dec 16 (that's where he meet my mom)
Freaky but theres a reason for everything.


I am feeling Great, almost back to my old self. I assisted in cleaning the house today from top to bottom, Something that was put on the back burner for awhile now. We had a great day at the Oktober Fest with the kids. Unfortunately my wish of wearing them out did not work as they are still Wide awake waiting for cookies!!!

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