Tuesday, August 12, 2008


That sums up how I feel...chemo , radiation... what else??? I guess I am most concerned about how SICK I am going to be. Illness (when it's mine) freaks me out. I hate when stuff comes out of areas its not suppose too. I spoke to an old old friend who gave me the real deal on the treatment. It's like getting up every morning and having your Butt kicked (in my case literally).

I get my mediport tomorrow. From what I understand, its like an iv put under my collarbone for all my chemo treatments so I don't get pocked every day for 6 weeks. Doesn't sound bad, huh? Then why is the procedure 4 hours long? Then back to the Radiation Doc for more tests to determine exactly where to shoot the laser ( yeah , I have all thoughts of locations too.) Basically its abs, sides and back. I guess this is all a small price to pay for LIFE!

I guess this would be considered a "rough day". And if one more person asks how I knew I am going to Scream. It's colon Rectal cancer, how do you think I knew???? Apparently I had stuff (blood) coming out of places its not suppose too. Of all the cancers, you can get... I had to get this one!

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