Friday, August 15, 2008

What I have learned

.in these 2 short weeks that my life has changed, I have learned many things.

I have learned that the most unlikely people step up and do things. People who were aquintances are now my strongest advocates. I have also learned that people who are "expected" to be there very readily will not. I feel as I have gone on a lifetime journey these past two weeks, I have had good friends become great ones and I have had my faith tested in ways unknown. I have meet strangers that have reached out and offered to help and I have been left crying with my own pain. Though I know the road ahead is hard and scarey and those we want to be by our side, most likely will not, I amazed by the ones who I never thought of, who are there each and everyday. Those who cry with me and cheer me on. Thats what really important. Its not always those we think we are suppose to love who give us the greatest joy but the unexpected. I am grateful for all that I have . Maybe this cancer, was not a test for me to overcome but maybe a test for someone else. Maybe their test is what do you do when your "love (?) one" has cancer? Now, I know the answer. My test is to take the information and move on. Believing in myself and making the world I live in a better place. Being strong and kicking butt.


Mediport is in and shoud be called MediPAIN. Sore my butt, this thing is painful. Black and blue and it hurts...not so much anymore and the doc says that I will be grateful its in. Time will tell on that one.

Chemo and radiation start Monday. What an exciting day! PUMPED UP WITH DRUGS AND LASERED IN THE BUTT.

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