Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I still cant believe my mom has Butt Cancer


This is her Daughter, My name is Kaylah. I am the one that labled her cancer butt cancer. At first when she went to the doctor she did not know what was wrong, She had an idea but like a good mother she did not tell us till she was sure. When she first told her kids she was saying it in a joking fashion. I thought that it had done no harm to her. When she really busted out in tears telling my sister what was wrong. I started crying. I found out that it was real. This is reality. My mom has CANCER!, and there is nothing I can do to make it go away. At times I wish this was just a bad dream and I would wake up one day,But I do not think that is going to happen. I love my mom so much. I never thought anything bad can happen to her. Like most people. You never expect it to happen to you. I wouldnt want this to happen to anyone. But why did it have to happen to my mom. Shes going threw so much now and to put this on her shoulders that is just a heck of alot. I thought about how life would be with out my mom, and I just couldnt imagine it. Shes my life. I love her to death and beyond. Well this blog will here more from me just not today.

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