Monday, April 27, 2009

Its a been Awhile

I know I am terrible its been forever since I updated but I have alot of news to report!

First of all I am almost done with the Chemo. Just 4 more treatments to go (about 8 weeks) and them another surgery sometime this summer and then its cancer free. The Doctor has changed my chemo drugs so I am no longer getting as sick and tired as I was. I was actually able to wash the car this past weekend. That is something I haven't done in forever!!!!

Second I am trying to start a chapter for the CCA ( Colon Cancer Alliance). The nearest chapter to us is in Philly and thats too far we need something so much more local.

Well in a few weeks, I will turn another year older. Some people get really depresses at 39 ! But I am excited. Exicted mostly that I am still here to see it. Some say life starts at 40! Mine starts now. My wonderful hubby is throwing a big bash where we collect donations for CCA. Hit me up if you want to come to the Party.

Holla at your girl, there alot of you I haven't heard from lately.

Check out the reasons I keep going....

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