Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am a Human Landfill!

I am starting a new chapter! A more healthlier ME! Notice I didn't say Skinner! I feel being healthlier will benefit me for than saying I want to lose weight! Even though ultimately that is the goal. I found a wonderful person to help me along this journey.. Grethen at GST fitness! My first task send her an email with what I typically eat in a day! I must say that just writing it out.. Grossed me out! I decided to keep a food journal, maybe I 'll hestitate eating that candy bar, if I know I have to write it down. She also suggested I get a scale! Been avoiding that one, who wants a daily reminder of how big they are????

All can hope for is postive change and that this will help me remain cancer free. I am amazed that I don't have other health issues!

So we are off, are you going to continue with me on this new adventure???

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Valerie said...

Its a great 2010 start. I hope you get there real soon.